Let's say I have,

On screen 1:

  • workspace A: a web browser, extended (not full-screened with F11, just maxed out).
  • workspace B: a terminal with Vi for example.

On screen 2:

  • a web browser, full-screened.

When I switch, with Ctrl+Alt+or, from workspace A to workspace B on screen 1, my cursor switch to screen 2 if, and only if, I have something full-screened.

I lose my cursor focus and it's annoying when I'm editing a file with Vi, while watching a video in full screen on my second screen, check something on chrome and go back to my Vi instance as what I type is now typed on my chrome instance on my other screen.

Is it possible to force my cursor to stay on my first screen when I have a full-screened window in my second screen?

I'm on Debian Jessie and Gnome 3.

  • I think this feature would have supported to the window manager (otherwise there's likely to be a visible delay between switching workspaces and moving the cursor). Which window manager are you using? Are you prepared to change? Gnome typically favors a lack of flexibility, and for example I doubt that Metacity has anything close to what you want, but there are window managers that you can use with Gnome where you can add this feature with a few lines of code in your configuration file, e.g. Sawfish. Mar 4, 2016 at 21:12

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This isn't too much of a fix as it is an annoyance minimizer, but in System->Preferences->Monitors, drag the 2nd monitor to the edge so that they only touch corners. Theoretically, that means it'll only transfer over if you pull the mouse into a corner. On the Debian/Gentoo Wiki, they posted a small program that might work also. Good luck my man

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