I have a complicated situation where I can't install Fedora using the graphical installer.

I have been using the following partition setup on Ubuntu for a number of years:

  • /dev/sda1: VFAT EFI partition.
  • /dev/sda4: BTRFS Linux Boot partition.
  • /dev/sda5: LUKS Encrypted Disk

Inside /dev/sda5 is an LVM volume group with with two logical volumes:

  • /dev/mapper/vg-root: A BTRFS partition.
  • /dev/mapper/vg-swap: A swap partition.

I have two subvolumes on /dev/mapper/vg-root:

  • @: my root subvolume, which will be mounted at /.
  • @home: my home subvolume, which will be mounted at /home.

For my purposes, this layout makes a lot of sense and works well.

The graphical Anaconda won't let me use my BTRFS subvolume for /, so I can't use it to install.

I have tried to use kickstarter to install things, but I can't because it won't let me install to preexisting LVM LVs, you can't specify /dev/mapper/vg-root

Failing all of this, is there a straightforward way to install Fedora Workstation into a specific local directory, which happens to be a bunch of mount points in the right places? I don't mind setting up fstab and crypttab and the like, I just want to install Fedora, $#@!

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