I use sed -n START_LINE,FINISH_LINEp filename > newfile to extract a specified range of text from a text file, e.g. sed -n 45,50p datafile > newfile.

How can I use this to extract multiple portions of text which are always bordered by the same pattern of text? e.g. the text I want to extract always begins 39 lines down from Subject:????? and ends immediately before Start Date: ??/??/??.


While this doesn't answer your question per se, awk has an elegant solution.

$ awk '

    # Set start variable
    /Subject/ { start=NR + 39; }

    # Disable print condition below
    /Start Date/ { start=""; next; }

    # Print while line is greater than start
    NR > start && start

' someFile.txt
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    I'm not sure if the questioner is tied to sed, but I think awk might be better anyway. FWIW I think they want multiple blocks of line, so the /Start Date/ line should just stop printing, rather than exit. – Sparhawk Mar 3 '16 at 3:41
  • Good catch @Sparhawk. – cdosborn Mar 3 '16 at 3:55

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