I have created a replacement for xterm cursor that will allow me to see the cursor (Windows, incidentally, calls the xterm cursor the "i-beam", which is rather more descriptive) much better. Problem is, I've yet to be able to correctly convert the PNG to the xcursor format. Anyone know what I can do here?

OS: Linux Mint 17.3 (Ubuntu-based; understands Debian packages)

  • That's referring to the pointerShape resource in xterm (moved by the mouse), by the way. "Cursor" is used to refer to the text-cursor. – Thomas Dickey Mar 2 '16 at 9:17

Use xcursorgen from the xorg-x11-apps or x11-apps package to create an Xcursor file from a collection of PNG images.

xcursorgen config-file output-file

where the config-file has a line with your cursor's

size xhot yhot filename

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