I have a shell script executes tree command

$ cat _tree.sh 
tree -L 2 --charset ascii -I "_tree.sh|LICENSE|README.md|node_modules|nbproject"
$ sh _tree.sh 
|-- bower.json
|-- dpl
|-- dst
|-- gulpfile.js
|-- package.json
`-- src
    |-- fonts
    |-- images
    |-- scripts
    `-- styles

7 directories, 3 files

When I execute the command directly,

$ tree -L 2 --charset ascii -I "_tree.sh|LICENSE|README.md|node_modules|nbproject"
|-- bower.json
|-- dpl/
|-- dst/
|-- gulpfile.js
|-- package.json
`-- src/
    |-- fonts/
    |-- images/
    |-- scripts/
    `-- styles/

7 directories, 3 files

The forwarding slashes(/) are appended. How can I make the _tree.sh file do this?

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    Do you perhaps have tree aliased to tree -F in your interactive shell? – steeldriver Mar 2 '16 at 4:01
  • @steeldriver Jesus Christ, How could you know that? I checked my ~/.profile and found exactly the same alias! – Jin Kwon Mar 2 '16 at 4:24

To append trailing slashes for directories, simply revise your code to include the -F option, in _tree.sh:

tree -F -L 2 --charset ascii -I "_tree.sh|LICENSE|README.md|node_modules|nbproject"


The tree program (for example version 1.7.0) does not append trailing slashes by default. As @steeldriver points out, it may only be due to -F option enabled somewhere on your system, such as within ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_aliases defined as an alias, that makes it so you see trailing slashes when you run tree on the terminal. To have trailing slashes in your scripts too, simply add -F option to your tree command.

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