I use IRSSI (Win 8.1 x64 + cygwin + SSH to remote host, sometimes via putty instead of cygwin) and it's configured to flash taskbar button whenever there's activity in any channel or private chat.

There's a bot in one of the channels I'm in which frequently sends some information to the channel and I don't want to be notified about that. Using ignore on this bot isn't helpful because ignored lines don't get printed in the channel or save to the logs - and I still need that info.

Is it possible to disable bell/taskbar flashing ONLY for a certain channel or a single user in that channel?

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As of irssi 0.8.17 it's possible to ignore ONLY activity:

/help ignore

The special level 'NO_ACT' can be used to ignore activity in the statusbar without actually ignoring the message; this behavior is somewhat special because it is allowed in addition to other ignores for the same target.



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