I've been experimenting with Linux on a spare PC using Crunchbang so that I can try changing things and tinker. The Conky system monitor is fun to work with and changes are immediately seen, so it's a great hands-on educational tool. I've read that it uses the Lua language which I've never heard of. Usually, it's python or perl or C++. What is the Lua language and is it worthwhile to learn it for beginners to programming?


Lua is a really tiny programming language. It's written in C and it's GOOD. Take a look at the "Programming in Lua" - online book on http://www.lua.org/pil/contents.html.

Lua is a perfect tool for embedding scripts in otherwise C/C++ applications. So with Lua built into an executable like conky (which I didn't know of) you can make it very adaptable.


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