I have shared a printer using SMB 3.6.23 service and CUPS Web interface.

Then the printer works just fine, but at a certain point (possibly, while the printer driver is available on Windows 7 using a TCP/IP port printer), the I use

rpcclient -U adminac%adminpw -c 'enumprinters 2' | grep -F '[\\\]' -B 1 -A 2


smbclient -L -N | grep MyPrinter

gives an answer.

As can be seen here over, things are as if, servername concatenated with sharename is not printername as expected. As a result, printer can be listed both by Windows7 file explorer and smbclient, but printer cannot be seen in the View remote printers (A empty sting printer appears instead and a exception is rizen while trying to admin this empty string printer.).

How can I get the printer manageable again?


Use rpcclient anonymously to get a list of problematic printer :

nrpclient -U "" -N -c 'enumprinters' \
| grep -F '[\\\]' -B 1 -A 2

Rename printer with a printer manager account, you may want to rename to the same name.

rpclient -U adminAccountName%adminAcountPW -c 'setprintername MYPRINT MYPRINT'


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