I have a fluxbox environment that uses Eterm to open a telnet connection to my server. I set Eterm to have the biggest fint possible, but it's not full-width. Is there a way to set Eterm to make the content fit the window size?


Not exactly. A clearer question would help. Here are the possibilities. The term screen refers to the computer's display, while window refers to the terminal emulator itself.

  • Some terminal emulators can stretch their window to match the screen size. But they draw their characters using a grid which may not evenly divide into the screen size. If Eterm used TrueType fonts, its developers could have provided for scaling the character-grid to more closely approximate the screen's limits. But it uses bitmap-fonts, which cannot be adjusted so easily.
  • In switching to full-screen, some terminal emulators do not necessarily "see" the full size. You can work around that using resize, which determines the window's actual size and tells the shell about it.
  • Did you mean window instead of screen in the last sentence of the first paragraph? – Gilles Feb 29 '16 at 22:48
  • Thanks for the advises and the explaination. I think I know better this issue. I'm going to find a way to use True Type Fonts. – RikyTres Mar 4 '16 at 7:59

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