Hello I have problem with hibernate on my HP635 notebook. Having Debian jessie install with minimal MATE desktop enviroment

I give the hibernation to life (despite of special setup with mounted swapfile instead of swap partition) but it only works when I type hibernate or s2disk in root console.

Choosing system > shutdown and then in dialog choosing hibernate causes system switching to text mode but after while system "is back"

Also tried do some config in /etc/pm, but then I googled that pm-utils no longer works in jessie or something like that

My question is where are some suspend/hibernate scripts in jessie, I remember that in squeeze I had same problem and resolve it by something like SLEEP_MODULE="uswsusp" in /etc/pm

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Maybe it is just something MATE related. For example, I use Enlightenment/E17 as a desktop environment and in the file {install directory}/etc/enlightenment/sysactions.conf you can choose the actual command called from hibernate/power off/suspend/...

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