I have a directory named ../words that contains a number of subdirectories(words/blabla,words/blabla), in turn each subdirectory contains two types of files (.*1.txt) and (.*2.txt) . What I need, it is to run an AWK script against each one of these files.

Could it be something like?

for d in words/*
    for f in .*[0-9].txt
    awk -f script.awk ${f}

If you're using a modern shell like bash or zsh, you can use something like:

for i in words/*/*{1,2}.txt; do awk -f script.awk "$i"; done

If, for whatever reason, you need compatibility with /bin/sh, you can use this slightly more verbose and less readable solution

for i in words/*/*1.txt words/*/*2.txt; do awk -f script.awk "$i"; done 
  • It works perfectly!! as I expected. – Firefly Feb 27 '16 at 13:00

This should work:

for f in words/*/.*[12].txt
    awk -f script.awk "$f"
  • I get this error, probably because the version of bash on cygwin awk: iterate.awk: 2: fatal: can not open the file /*/.* words [12] .txt 'for reading (No such file or directory) My fault, I haven't informed of those details. – Firefly Feb 27 '16 at 13:04

try this for d in words/*; do for f in ./words/$d/*{0..9}.txt; do awk -f script.awk $f; done

  • There are several things wrong here: for d in words/* selects everything under words not only directories - you would need for d in words/*/ to glob for dirs only then for f in ./words/$d/*{0..9}.txt is actually equivalent to for f in ./words/words/*/*{0..9}.txt so most likely not what OP wants and finally, you need the closing done. Also, don't forget to quote your vars. – don_crissti Feb 26 '16 at 17:54

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