There are a lot of pages, asking how to fix "W: Ignoring Provides line with DepCompareOp".

But what is "DepCompareOp" itself? I understand, that it relates to misconfigured "Provides:" field and somehow relates to packages, that depend on package provided. How can we tell whether "Provides:" is good or not?


"DepCompareOp" stands for "dependency comparison operator", i.e. "=", "<=", ">=", "<<" or ">>", used to compare package versions. The message comes fromapt, and is printed when a package is encountered with a "Provides" declaration including a non-equal dependency comparison operator, which is invalid. (dpkg now supports versioned-provides, which is why the error message changed to explicitly mention non-equal operators.)

So basically, a package can declare

Provides: some-other-package

in its control file and be fine, or (since mid-2014)

Provides: some-other-package (= version)

but not

Provides: some-other-package (<< version)

In the past, any mention of a version would have caused apt-based tools to print

Ignoring Provides line with DepCompareOp for package ...

whereas nowadays only the latter will produce

Ignoring Provides line with non-equal DepCompareOp for package ...

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