I was tossed into Linux at work and have no experience with it what so ever. The guy that's training me gives me little tasks to figure out as I go, and I'm stuck. Today he told me to tar a file and split it into smaller files. I figured that out pretty quick. Then he told me to tar a file and split it in one command. I'm using a GoPro file GOPR0005.MP4, and have managed to do it with:

tar -czvf - GOPR0005.MP4 | split -b 5M

but my outputs are xaa, xab, ect. How can I name my outputs to something like goproaa, goproab, ect...? This is driving me crazy.


You can specify the prefix that way:

tar -czvf - GOPR0005.MP4 | split -b 5M - gopro

- is used to tell split to use stdin just like you use it to tell tar to use stdout.

  • I'm mad at myself now. I've tried to put the gopro everywhere in there, but I didn't use the -. This has been a many hour long issue. Thanks! – ShawnDobie Feb 24 '16 at 23:43

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