I do not want to clear screen when using .

Have tried things like, as per man for debugfs:

export PAGER='less -FX'
debugfs foo bar

export DEBUGFS_PAGER='less -FX'
debugfs foo bar

DEBUGFS_PAGER='less -FX' debugfs foo bar

PAGER='less -FX' debugfs foo bar

DEBUGFS_PAGER='less -FX' PAGER='less -FX' debugfs foo bar

but commands, for example ls, still show a full screen page which are cleared after q.

What I should do is?


As per comment by thrig I created the file .terminfo/xterm-nopager.terminfo from a copy of infocmp, modified it to exclude rmcup and smcup and ran:

tic ~/.terminfo/xterm-nopager.terminfo

This works (besides, obviously, from options to less like F not being honored.)

Is there a way to do this without modifying terminfo? I do not like to modify essentials like that on a global scale. (That is; I am not sure if I should care or not, so I do.)

Is this a bug in debugfs, as man say one can override, or is it a consequence of other external environment? Is there a way to do this per command?

  • Probably actually a terminal question about the evil alternate screen that so infuriatingly blanks the docs you were just looking at - shallowsky.com/linux/noaltscreen.html – thrig Feb 24 '16 at 22:44
  • @thrig: Thanks. That worked. But man for debugfs states one can set pager manually. I'll explore a bit further. – user367890 Feb 24 '16 at 23:17

The answer is, don't use a pager :-) This may not be what you want, since it doesn't set a pager, but the following works for me (in bash, in a fresh terminal), with values set accordingly (you can of course one-line this):

INODE='01234567'        # replace with valid inode# for some file
DEVICE='/dev/whatever'  # replace with valid device for that inode
# your distro might not require `sudo`, mine does
sudo debugfs -R 'stat <'"${INODE}"'>' "${DEVICE}" 2>/dev/null | tee

I get sudo-prompted, then the data writes to stdout normally, as if unpaged--particularly, the screen does not get cleared. This is what I want; YMMV, HTH.

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