As the picture below , my VM Linux machine was hung and I cant login

how to identify the reason for the "hung" according to the messages on the console?

I also searched more info from the /var/log/messages file ( but I get lost there , I can't find something useful ) , also not exactly know where to find core files?

what the other files that we can find info for this situation ?

linux machine hung

enter image description here

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    You've got a hint right there, second line of the screenshot: "task oracle ... blocked for more than ...". Now if you go through the Oracle logs you may be lucky and find more hints about the reason. – Murphy Feb 24 '16 at 18:30
  1. you can use boot.log file for information related during boot process information(most linux boot.log will be located in /var/log/boot.log)
  2. incase you didn't find the file you can use find command to search the file in following format as # find / -name "boot.log"
  3. dmseg command to see other activities information

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