I'm on Debian 7.9 (wheezy) x64, and I would like to install build-essential:i386.

I already added i386 in dpkg --architecture, updated aptitude and installed java-jdk-1.6:i386 successfully.

BTW, no matter how I try, build-essential systematically generates an error of dependencies with:

apt-get install build-essential:i386
Depend : dpkg-dev:i386 (>= 1.13.5)
E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages...

If someone has an idea... Thanks.

Also, I found this on Debian Mailing Lists - Re: cross-build-essential

Say I want to have the build-essential for i386 installed on amd64. I could install build-essential:i386, replacing gcc/g++:amd64 with gcc/g++:i386. Wouldn't that give me everything needed to cross-compile for i386?

In that case, yes, because you can run x86 code on an AMD64 or Intel 64 CPU. Though you would indeed be replacing gcc-4.7:amd64 etc. with gcc-4.7:i386 etc. as the packages aren't co-installable with themselves.

Is it true?


Well, the thing is, you do not really need build-essential:i386 on a amd64 system, depending on what you want to compile, you might need libpam-dev:i386 or other 32bit -dev libraries, but you should use the 64bit tools, even to generate 32bit code, mainly because they should, in theory, run faster ... they have access to more memory ...

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    I solved my problem with by installing g++-multilib & gcc-multilib.
    – m4hmud
    Feb 23 '16 at 14:39

Yes, it's true that you can't have build-essential:i386 and build-essential:amd64 installed at the same time. That would require the presence of two instances of some executables (for example gcc), and that isn't supported by the Multiarch Specification:

Unresolved issues

Co-installable packages for executables

Co-installation of executables would potentially make it possible to reuse a single disk image on systems of multiple architectures with no modification. This could be implemented on top of multiarch using architecture-qualified paths for executables, but would require an additional mechanism (such as kernel support, or boot-time symlinking) to implement PATH handling.

  • Can you quote the relevant portion of the "MultiArch Specification" or other relevant document? I took a quick look at the "MultiArch Specification", but don't see the specific point addressed there. Feb 23 '16 at 10:58

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