So I'm not exactly sure what happened but when I went to start my computer today, it failed to boot and the only thing on the screen is a command line with "Grub recovery". I tried to repair what happened with Boot Repair Disk but all it was able to do was dump the report linked here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/15171771/

Now, this isn't my computer, so I don't know what's installed on it, but I'm pretty sure it's some sort of linux distribution as well as a QNX 4 install. If anyone knows how to repair grub with QNX, I'd really appreciate it.


Did someone try to install another bootable distribution on sdb drive? Maybe this broke your bootloader(s). It seems you have installed syslinux on sdb and grub 2 on sda which are both bootloaders. You could try to insert a live CD from any linux distribution and chroot into sda/sdb. Maybe deleting both and reinstalling one of them will fix it. Help for this can be found here.

Or maybe just set the bootflag of sdb to false with fdisk. (Here at Point 6)

  • The partition on sdb is the recovery disk. I installed it on a USB drive. sda1 is a ubuntu install and sda3 is a qnx4 install but for some reason the filesystems got corrupted. I'm able to boot into qnx using super grub2, but every other tool I use can't identify either install. – apizzi Feb 22 '16 at 18:05

You can do this way,step by step:

  1. You boot Super GRUB2 Disk.
  2. Press e to enter the shell from the GRUB editor.
  3. Now, you must reinstall GRUB to your hard disk ( usb at /dev/sdb ).
    Remember, sdb is unmounted, sdb is not sdb1. So, you type in the prompt

    grub>`grub-install /dev/sdb`
  4. That's all. It's time for you to try again.

  5. By the way, you might think about where you have installed GRUB 2.00:

  6. I wish you luck.

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