I have some PCs running various types of debian testing to have the latest version of a number of packages. Usually this works great for my usage, but occasionally, an apt-get dist-upgrade wants to remove packages I will keep on my PC due to some incompabilities with some upgraded packages. Can I somehow in apt.conf tell apt that a certain package should not be removed. I know about the version pinning, but I do want the package to be upgraded, if appliciable, I just do not want the package to be removed to have another package upgraded.

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One solution would be to create a dummy package using equivs. See How to make apt recognize an installed tar package? for a quick how-to. Give your package the required priority and the Essential status so that apt will never ever think of uninstalling it, and declare the packages you never ever want to uninstall as dependencies of it.

Section: local
Priority: required
Essential: yes
Package: mortensickel-dependencies
Depends: package1, package2, package3-1 | package3-2
Description: Depend on my absolutely required packages
  • A bit more difficult that I thought - I hoped I had overlooked some settings in apt.conf - but it works, thanks. Feb 24, 2016 at 9:28

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