I created a snapshot with

lvcreate -n snap01.vm01 -L 5G -s vg0/vm01.eclabs.de

now I did some stuff on my disk i don't want to keep and want to revert it to the snapshot point.

How do I restore the snapshot?

I tried to copy the snapshot with dd like:

dd if=/dev/vg0/snap01.vm01 | pv | dd of=/dev/vg0/vm01.eclabs.de-restore

but although the file is only 5GB the dd process continues to copy things for hours. Is this sthe correct way?

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You can restore an LVM snapshot with

lvconvert --merge <snapshot path>

In the example above: To revert back to snap0.vm01 snapshot, which was taken for vg0/vm01.eclabs.de :

umount  /dev/vg0/vm01.eclabs.de
lvconvert --merge /dev/vg0/snap01.vm01

see http://www.switchroot.com/how-to-rollback-a-lvm-volume-to-its-snapshot

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