I want to map some programs to the ten numbers of the numpad, which should start when I press mod4Mask + a number.

I know that ordinary numbers are accessed with xK_1, xK_2,... but what about the numpad numbers?

And will it make a difference if numlock is activated?


According to Xmonad/Key codes,

You can also search in /usr/include/X11/keysymdef.h and lower-case the first character (XK* becomes xK*).

Usually (some keyboard configurations differ), the large editing keypad sends symbols such as XK_KP_0, etc., (the symbols with _KP_), and pressing NumLock makes the keys send the alternate symbol (such as XK_0) which is printed on the keyboard.

xterm, for instance, uses that mapping of XK_KP_xxx to determine what escape sequences to send (this is taken for granted in Why doesn't my keypad work? in the XTerm FAQ).

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