I have a Centos 7 machine.

I decided to install apache, mysql, and php from source.

I already installed (from source) the apache & mysql packages (requirements: with apr (source), apr-util (source), pcre-devel (yum installed), perl (yum installed)).

Now, I am trying to install php and the configuration file stops at extensions section of install and says:

configure: error: DBA: Could not find necessary header file(s)

1) what should I do to repair it?

I saw on the internet that I can fix it with db4-devel, the problem is that there's no db4-devel in CentOS 7.

2) Is there any replacement package for this?

3) how can I make php(7.0.3) install all extensions in ./configure?


Your internet search was correct. The above error is cause by a missing dependency: Berkeley DB development files.

The correct CentOS 7 package is libdb-devel, so installing that will let you continue until the next missing dependency.

"All extensions" is a bit too arbitrary to give an exact answer, but at this stage all errors are likely missing dependencies, so just find and install them one by one until it works.


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