I use the method described in this question to configure systemd to power off the laptop when the power button is pressed. (I.e., edit /etc/systemd/logind.conf.) This worked perfectly with OpenSUSE 13.1, but now that I'm running OpenSUSE LEAP 42.1, it doesn't work any more. When I press the power button, the system hibernates rather than shut down.

I have a sinking feeling that maybe gnome-settings-daemon is getting involved somehow. There's a gsettings schema named org.gnome.settings-daemon.plugins.power which contains a key named power-button-action, however the only permissible options are nothing, suspend or hibernate. But I don't want any of those options; I want shutdown!

I did try setting the active key to false to disable the power-management plugin. That had no effect on anything.

Is there any, any way I can convince systemd to show me some debug output, or see what the settings daemon is doing, or just generally make the power button turn the power off?!

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