I got this error during boot process.

[15.757121] kfd kfd: error getting iommu info. is the iommu enabled?
[15.757182] kfd kfd: Error initializing iommuv2 for device (1002:1318)
[15.757245] Creating topology SYSFS entries
[15.757376] kfd kfd: device (1002:1318) NOT added due to errors

How can I fix it?


Bad BIOS UEFI tables are a common problem, which yield a non funtional iommu.

If on X86 or AMD64 try:

Edit the file /etc/default/grub:

Change the line





sudo update-grub


In many cases the "pass through" function of the kernel will provide iommu funtionality also the BIOS is foobar. The HSA software stack will run on a system with a working iommu funtionality without tiggering the iommu error message.

  • I had iommu=soft and changed it to =pt [pass-through] and now my IOMMU appears to be working without giving errors in dmesg output. Cheers. I'm on AMD64 (A8-7600 Kaveri). – pbhj May 23 at 20:13

Found this from a Google Search:

UEFI boot was a red herring. The real problem was that you need a kfd.rules file in /etc/udev/rules.d. The file must say:

KERNEL=="kfd", MODE="0666"

Installing mainline 3.19 in Ubuntu 14.10 created this file during package installation (we think?), but Ubuntu 15.04 does not create this file by default. You must do it by hand. Then the HSA software stack works!

Problem solved.

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  • I have this file, but also the symptoms in the OP. This doesn't appear to fix things. I'm on Kubuntu 18.04.2 now, kernel 5.0.0-15-generic. – pbhj May 23 at 18:54

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