I want to create a monitoring shell script which checks the status of jboss machines. but the problem is my jboss machines are on a different port(ssh) and unix on telnet.

  • If I get you correctly: You can run a local script via ssh by e.g. ssh user@A "bash -s" < local.script > output_file and have the output of your (locally saved) script put into the (local) output_file. With passwordless logins via ssh, this can be automatised. – Fiximan Feb 17 '16 at 12:13

Both telnet and ssh can be run against ports different than their standard port numbers, 23 & 22 respectively. For instance telnet hostname 8080 will connect you, using telnet protocol, to the port 8080 of hostname you specify. Similar is possible for ssh as well. E.g. ssh -p 8080 hostname command do the same using ssh protocol.

Since I don't know what type of check you are doing for jboss, it is hard to give you an advice on that.

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