I recently come to know that I can curl a website using the bash command

curl --user user:pass xyz.com

I have an idea for recharging my mobile using the bash script. I want to write a script which can automaically recharges my mobile using Paytm website. I want this script for my usage only so I will be adding my login credentials, mobile number. As I have already added my account info on Paytm, I just need to enter my CVV. So I just want to enter my CVV when the script runs. I am not much aware about it that how can I do this. Any help will be appreciated. Any other requirement to the question will be added further. Thanks.


I don't know about Paytm in particular, but generally in Chrome you copy a request as a curl request.

  • Enter Your information and open Inspect Element window or Press (F12)
  • Go to Network tab
  • Press Login/Recharge, whatever the button to proceed
  • In the Network tab at the left, you can see a new item added, that's your request
  • Press on the request and verify it by checking on the right "Query String Parameters"
  • You can see your username/password and any other inputs
  • Back to left side, right-click on the same request you can find "Copy as cURL (bash)"
  • Now you've the same request as curl command in bash

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