It really makes me mad. SunOS 5.9

Searching for disks...done
No disks found!
# mount
/ on /dev/md/dsk/d0...(skip)
/var on /dev/md/dsk/d4 ...
/opt on /dev/md/dsk/d5 ...
/home on /dev/md/dsk/d9 ...
/usr/local on /dev/md/dsk/d10 ...
# fdisk -G /dev/md/dsk/d0
fdisk: /dev/md/dsk/d0 must be a raw device.
# fdisk -G /dev/md/dsk
fdisk: /dev/md/dsk must be a raw device.
# fdisk -G  /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s0 
fdisk: Cannot open device /dev/rdsk/c0t0d0s0.
# ls /dev/rdsk
c0t0d0s0   c0t0d0s6  ...(72 items total)
# ls /dev/md/
admin   dsk     rdsk    shared
# ls /dev/md/dsk

prtvtoc works, but I can see total space only and have to use calculator to get Mb/Gb :(

# prtvtoc /dev/md/dsk/d10
* /dev/md/dsk/d10 partition map
* Dimensions:
*     512 bytes/sector
*     424 sectors/track
*      24 tracks/cylinder
*   10176 sectors/cylinder
*   14087 cylinders
*   14087 accessible cylinders
* Flags:
*   1: unmountable
*  10: read-only
*                          First     Sector    Last
* Partition  Tag  Flags    Sector     Count    Sector  Mount Directory
       0      0    00          0 143349312 143349311
# prtvtoc -f /dev/md/dsk/d0

Regardless FREE_SIZE=0 system is up and running quite well. moreover:

# df
df: cannot execute
# bdf
bdf: not found
# pkgadd
pkgadd: not found

Please help.

P.S. this server is really in bad condition:

# ls /
(here some folders, including usr)
# ls /usr
(here some folders again, including apache)
#ls /usr/apache
/usr/apache: I/O error

Thanks @Nikhil and @MaxMackie. I think the trouble is out of this question.

  • Which version of Solaris are you using? Which shell are you using? df execution failure ccertainly raises eye brows. Would you check your path and execute the commands directly from their path. Dec 8, 2011 at 16:52
  • metastat would give you the state of the metadb replication, running df -h -T ufs would give you the status of free space on prior to Solaris-10 or non-zfs local filesystems. ZFS filesystems however, would be better off using zfs commands like zpool and zfs Dec 8, 2011 at 16:54
  • Maybe here is really no free space: # /usr/local/apache2/bin/httpd -S Bus Error # find find: cannot execute @Nikhil I just tried this: # /bin/df /bin/df: cannot execute
    – Putnik
    Dec 8, 2011 at 17:19
  • @Nikhil # df -h -T ufs df: cannot execute # zpool zpool: not found # zfs zfs: not found Unfortunately I can't get linebreak in comment :(
    – Putnik
    Dec 8, 2011 at 17:23
  • Another question now that you have told me it is Solaris 9. Is it sparc or x86? zpool and zfs commands are only available in Solaris 10 some later versions and thereafter in Solaris 11. Okay, I see the machine has not booted properly. You may confirm the runlevel with who -r on the prompt. Dec 8, 2011 at 18:11

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Seeing as df doesn't seem to be working for you, try running this in the root directory of the mounted filesystem/disk. In my case, I'd like to see the total amount of space used by my OS hard drive and ignore all of my mounted file systems. Ran from /:

max@linux-vwzy:/> sudo du -h -d0 -x ./ 2> /dev/null
23G     ./

So my OS takes up 23GB. Of course this only works if you know the size of your disk. If I also index other filesystems & disks:

max@linux-vwzy:/> sudo du -h -d0 ./ 2> /dev/null
2.6T    ./

Hope that helps. It's not the best method but it just might work for you.

  • 1
    :I did all these commands as a root. Sorry for no linebreaks # cd / (\n) # du -h -d0 -x ./ 2> /dev/null (\n) # du -h -d0 -x ./ (\n) du: illegal option -- 0 (\n) usage: du [-a] [-d] [-h|-k] [-r] [-o|-s] [-L] [file ...] (\n) # sudo du -h -d0 -x ./ (\n) sudo: not found (\n)
    – Putnik
    Dec 8, 2011 at 19:19
  • try this: du -h --one-file-system --max-depth=0 ./. Doesn't look like you have sudo installed and you might have another version of du. I'm using du (GNU coreutils) 8.9
    – nopcorn
    Dec 8, 2011 at 19:35

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