I have a centos VM running via KVM on my Debian laptop.

This is what I see when I run systemd-cgtop: enter image description here

I know I have a user,system,and machine slice, but I'm only seeing data from the machine slice.

I'm running chrome and youtube so I know stuff is going on in the user slice, but I don't see the user slice at all.

How can I get my other slices to report utilization in cgtop?

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A possible reason is that you have not enabled the CPUAccounting for the system slice.

Check if /etc/systemd/system.conf is defined with DefaultCPUAccounting=yes or define CPUAccounting=yes in system.slice.

  • I have the same issue on OpenSUSE. DefaultCPUAccounting didn't help. Setting CPUAccounting=yes in all slices indeed made systemd-cgtop report slices load but still didn't report any automatic sub slices nor individual services.
    – Lapsio
    Aug 18, 2016 at 17:07

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