I'm currently trying to set up a secure MongoDB database for my various applications, but whenever I try to login with a username and password, but the shell always replies with Error: Authentication failed. and keeps me from accessing my database.

Errors from mongod --auth:

2016-02-12T17:11:57.039-0600 I ACCESS [conn1] SCRAM-SHA-1 authentication failed for app-client on application-userdata from client ; UserNotFound Could not find user app-client@application-userdata

Can someone give me some help as to trying to make this work? I've already tried dropping and re-adding the user, but that does nothing. In case it matters, the user only has the readWrite role enabled.

(Ubuntu 15.10, x86_64)


Look at that, I figured it out. Turns out I had to change mongod.conf to enable authentication.

For those who are coming here in the future, add the following to /etc/mongod.conf:

security: authorization: enabled

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