I need to mirror a remote monitor from a server running CentOS 6.5.

With VNC I'm able to connect to the :0 display (that it's the one it is shown on the remote server monitor) but when I change user on the server without logging out it obviously opens a new display and the local screen became useless. Are there any options to overcame this issue ?

Starting VNC before logging could achieve this ? Unfortunately I run into a bug (I've asked on a CentOS forum) and I can't start VNC that way because I'll need to upgrade some packages that could cause some stability issues.

If this works good to know (I can use VNC on other servers) but other options are really appreciated.

  • Now I fixed the VNC login issue but the monitor mirroring problem remain unresolved – huginnmuninn Feb 15 '16 at 13:43

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