I have to install some packages for a vnc server on a CentOS 6.5 machine that has no access to repos (so I have to transfer the rpm packages I need using sftp).

As I tried to install the package libX11-1.6.0-6 I got the following error :

error: Failed dependencies: libxcb < 1.9.1-3 conflicts with libX11-1.6.0-6.el6.i686

So I upgraded libxcb to the requested version but I still got the same error. I tried to force the libX11 install with --nodeps but now I don't have the following libraries : libxcb-glx.so.0 and libxcb.so.1.

Trying to reinstall, upgrade or downgrade libxcb to get the libraries back has proven unsuccessful.

What shall I do ?


The messages told you that libxcb conflicted with libX11. The latter can be self-contained, or (in the case of your conflicting packages) using libxcb to replace part of libX11. Doing that requires a different package for libX11.

The likely scenario is by mixing packages from different repositories as in this discussion: I can not update centos 6.6. Error: Package: and duplicated. In it, someone had attempted to force their system to use packages from a different repository (perhaps the same as your situation).

If you really need the alternate repository, the only route forward would be to replace all of the packages which ultimately depend upon libxcb (the libX11, packages depending on it, and so forth). Otherwise your system is inconsistent and will break in unexpected ways (such as not being able to upgrade).

To do this, you have to start by finding the dependant packages:

  • For the sake of stability I had to cancel the installation of the vnc server as I couldn't mix packages from different repos. For the missing libraries I simply retrived them from another CentOS server and I recreated the missing links. Despite everything thank you for the reply Feb 12 '16 at 10:34

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