How can I install Arch onto a Macbook Air 2014? I'd also like this to be on an External Hard drive. I know how to boot into the BIOS and everything, I just feel like none of the guides have helped me. None of the have worked and I feel like there are extra steps I should take.

  • Please elaborate on your question. What guides have you followed? What steps have you taken? How does it fail? – aprad046 Feb 12 '16 at 1:45
  • I've followed about 6 or 7 youtube guides. I tried the Beginner's guide on the wiki. Every time I do it, if gives me a message like this: [root@root] # And it won't let me type – Nobiscis Feb 12 '16 at 4:34

The Arch Linux Wiki has a page just for installing Arch on a MacBook. In there, someone reported that:

Some MacBook users report strange keyboard output such as long delays and character doubling. To fix this problem, boot with the following options: arch noapic irqpoll acpi=force

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