I am currently having difficulty in installing new software/plugins on my rhel6 work pc. I don't have any internet connection on it and have to download anything I require on a separate internet PC (ubuntu).

Hence I always end up scouring for rpms to install (most of the time, RPM find links dont work for me either). I was wondering if there was a possibility to go have a round about way for it?

I was going through : download software for later installation. I wanted to know if I can masquerade my ubuntu as a rhel /centos pc and download the package.

Secondly, I am quite new to using linux and cant understand how to use source-forge links and ftp links.

I have given up on using source code as I nearly always lack the dependencies. A manager of mine recommended me to use .rpms as they are per-compiled ?

I would love some information regarding this.


You have three possibilities here. Since you don't want to compile from source there are two remains:

  • CentOS packages should work for rhel. At least it always worked for my rhel6.6. So you can download desired rpm from centos repo to your ubuntu then copy to rhel and install
  • Using ubuntu's package manager download .deb package and then convert deb->rpm using alien

Also you can try less obvious things like using your ubuntu as gateway/proxy/vpn for your rhel, but this method depends from your network topology and has much less chances to solve your needs.

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createrepo path/of/folder/where/your/rpmStore

then run this command

remove the repo file

rm -iv  /etc/yu.repos.d/*

then create own repo file

echo -e "[MyRepo] \n name=MyRepo \n baseurl=file:/path/of/folder/where/your/rpmStore \n enabled=1 \n gpgcheck=0 \n skip_if_unavailable=True">/etc/yum.repos.d/myrepo.repo

it look like enter image description here

after that

yum clean all

and then install software that you have in that folder ex:

yum install gedit -y
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