I'm trying to configure my RPi with Raspbian Jessie to use autofs to mount at boot a NFS share from my QNAP NAS.

The manual mount with

mount -v -t nfs server://share /mnt/share

works and also the autofs service works if I manually start it with

sudo service autofs start

after starting also rpcbind and nfs-common services first.

Now I want that all the 3 services involved (rpcbind, nfs-common and autofs) start automatically at boot.

Since Raspbian Jessie uses systemd, what should I do to add to the boot the rpcbind and nfs-common services, that should start before autofs?

Should I use init.d and so

sudo update-rc.d rpcbind enable

sudo update-rc.d nfs-common enable

or do I have to create a systemd unit file?

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I'm not sure about Debian, but Ubuntu has a bug with that right now.

The current workaround is to add "x-systemd.automount" in the options section of the fstab line.

See bug 1515446.

  • I don't want to use fstab and so I have no fstab line. I need to understand how to correctly start at boot rpcrpcbind and nfs-common, before autofs. Commented Feb 11, 2016 at 12:47

I finally found this solution. I used

sudo update-rc.d rpcbind enable


sudo update-rc.d nfs-common enable

to enable rpcbind and nfs-commond to start at boot, but only nfs-common starts correctly while rpcbind not.

So I found a workaround for rpcbind by adding

service rpcbind start

inside the /etc/rc.local script. I know it's not the proper way... but it works.

If anyone had any better suggestions, it is welcome!

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