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I have a directory containing several files:

$ ls tdir
xx  yy zz

I'm looking for a zsh glob pattern, which expands to all (non-dot)-files except xx. This is what I tried:

$ echo tdir/*~xx
tdir/xx tdir/yy tdir/zz

As we can see, this does not work; *~xx is not expanded in the way I expected. How do I write this correctly?

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The glob~filter (and-not) operator applies a filter as a negative pattern matching on the result of the whole glob.

That allows things like:

grep foo ./**/*~*/.svn/*(.mh-1)

for instance.

Here, you'd need:

echo tdir/*~tdir/xx


echo tdir/*~*/xx


echo tdir/(*~xx)

Or use the ^ negation operator instead:

echo tdir/^xx

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