I'm running KDE Plasma 5.4.3 on Debian stretch/sid. I have kwin_wayland 5.4.3 and sddm 0.13.0.
I only installed the base system and then ran apt-get install kde-plasma-desktop/testing sddm/testing (and all updates & upgrades afterwards and before).

It kinda works - there is a nice login screen and it can create windows; However none of them have any window decorations (e.g. the minimize/maximize/close buttons are missing) which I miss dearly.

My .xsession_errors file is here

There is an older question with my problem, but it is for KDM which isn't used in the new version.


I had same problem on my kali linux(kali-rolling version). I solved this problem, just installed 'kwin-x11'

sudo apt-get install kwin-x11 kwin-decoration-oxygen 

I think this might solve your problem too.

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  • Well, it doesn't exactly solve the issue but hey I got what I wanted – user45891 Feb 10 '16 at 15:23

You need to install plasma-applet-active-window-control


sudo apt-get install cmake extra-cmake-modules plasma-workspace-dev plasma-framework-dev build-essential qtcreator


git clone git://anongit.kde.org/plasma-active-window-control


cd plasma-applet-active-window-control
cmake .
sudo make install

then Reboot.


if you want borderless windows you can set it in this way :

kate ~/.config/kwinrc

under [Window] you should put


To launch Window Manager settings type the following command:

kcmshell4 kwincompositing kwindecoration kwinoptions kwinrules kwinscreenedges kwintabbox 
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