Scenario: Source host (Solaris 5.10, KSH), im trying to run the following script named sample.ksh on source

set -x
Rediscover ()
ssh user@hostB ./scripts/test.ksh
exit 0

Remote Host: Linux (bash shell), i have the following script called test.ksh

#!/bin/bash -x
stty -a

Issue: I can run the test.ksh without any issues directly on Linux host but when i try to run it remotely from solaris i am getting the follwoing error.

root@hostA# ./sample.ksh
+ Rediscover
+ resize
resize:  can't open terminal /dev/tty
+ stty -a
stty: standard input: Invalid argument
+ exit
+ exit 0

Why can't i see the output of resize and stty -a remotely ??

SSH keys were setup from A to B

  • Together with not being sure about this, I think the tty's play a role when you have an interactive session. By invoking a single script/executable from your ssh command line, you are telling the system, this is not an interactive session. In turn the system disregards the termcap or uses a very minimalistic one and stty command doesn't get involved. Again this is not from any document. Just my understanding.
    – MelBurslan
    Feb 9, 2016 at 19:07

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You can force interactive session using -tt switch in your script:

ssh -tt user@hostB ./scripts/test.ksh

Otherwise the TTY on the hostB will not get allocated and you will get such errors.

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