I've installed CentOS 7 on a Dell PowerEdge R320. I did the minimal install and its starting up at the command line. Is there anyway to switch to the regular gui without reinstalling or a internet connection. I could load a file to a usb stick and go from there... Or would a complete re install be faster?


It looks like you've installed the minimal CentOS install from the smallest ISO they have. In other words, you have the bare minimum you need to have a working system. For Linux gurus, this is called an OS. That being said, you have three options.

  • Option 1: Get the DVD ISO and install it with the GUI.
  • Option 2: Get the netinstall and don't forget to choose the Gnome Desktop Environment from the package list to install the GUI.
  • Option 3: Get internet connection on the system and simply install it using yum.

I would suggest going with option 3 as it is the easiest and possibly as simple as running

dhcpcd ens0p0

I would suggest checking the following link if your network is configured as DHCP.

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