I am using Ubuntu 14.10 LTS version on my laptop. When I press the 'windows' key, an interface (probably called a Dash) opens that displays various applications, videos, recent files etc on different tabs.

How to avoid recent files (be it pdfs, documents or video files) from being displayed on this Dash?

  • 14.10 is not an LTS release. 14.04 is. – blade19899 Feb 9 '16 at 9:00

The recent items list used in Ubuntu Unity like below, shows all kind of recently accessed files:

enter image description here

You can be disable the recording of such activity by adjusting the Privacy parameters, by turning OFF the 'Record Activity':

enter image description here


Navigate to ~/.local > share > zeitgeist and delete the file named 'activity.sqlite'.

Now logout and back in to see the effect.

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