Maybe I am missing this and it's really simple, but I cannot figure out how to label a BSD disk.

I have looked at tunefs or gpart and even disklabel, however none do what I am looking for - I don't want to create a label like \home or \var or anything else that can be mounted, I just want to give a "friendly name" to the drive or partition.

For example, I have an XServe G4 with 3 physical drives. One is a dual boot OS X and FreeBSD 10, a OS X Install drive (a copy of the install CD) and finally a FreeBSD 10 USB Install disk. So, looking at the symbols in the picture from left to right...

  • The first (unlabeled) disk is the FreeBSD boot partition on the first disk
  • The second (with the USB icon) is a FreeBSD Installation ISO on bootable USB
  • The third (Macintosh HD0)is an OS X boot partition on the first disk
  • The fourth (Mac OS X Server Install) is a partition on a second disk with the ISO of the CD copied to it.

OpenFirmware Boot Screen

I would like to give the FreeBSD partitions/drives (the first two icons in the picture) friendly names like the OS partitions/drives (the second two). Even if I am limited to 11 characters, FBSD10-INST or something similar would be much better than having nothing.

The goal here is that if the user boots into this Open Firmware boot menu (holding Alt/Option when booting, they will intuitively know what they are selecting.

  • The labels given by the FreeBSD tools you mention work within FreeBSD. Probably OS-X nor OpenFirmware know how to handle them. – Roland Smith Mar 30 '16 at 10:09

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