On my (ubuntu) server I have a gameserver running in a screen, owned by user_1. The gameserver has an interactive console to send commands to. Would it somehow be possible to execute a script as user_2 which sends input to user_1's detached screen?


I think this should work:

screen -r user_2 -X stuff "you_script.sh"
screen -r user_2 -X eval "stuff \015"
  • Thanks for your reply, I'm still a bit lost tho.. I'm assuming it should be -r user_1, right? Since user_1 owns the screen. I'm also a bit confused about the 2 lines, are these just 2 examples or does "your_script.sh" gets assigned to 'stuff' which is then send wit the 'eval'? I just did a basic test as user_2: "screen -r user_1 -X echo test" which returns "No screen session found." – iScripters Feb 7 '16 at 14:19
  • Oh, I read this question wrong I apologize. You can use screen -r user_2 -X stuff "commands here" to send the text command here from the current user to user_2. The second line in my answer sends a newline. – cowlicks Feb 8 '16 at 7:17

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