I need a library to allow me to read and edit ID3 Tags from C++ in Linux. Suggestions?


Taglib is quite feature rich.

It comes as C++ lib without dependencies to Qt or KDE libs. A C API is bundled (and there are a lot of other languages bindings available). A lot of projects (like amarok, juk, vlc ...) use this library.

The homepage contains some claims some advantages of taglib over id3lib (mainly performance).


id3lib has an OO C++ interface you may like. It is licensed under the LGPL.

The MAD MPEG audio decoder includes an ID3 manipulation component. Since it is used as the underlying decoder for so many applications — there's a long list on the page I linked to — it may be in your distro's repository already. It is GPL'd.


I used them for a tiny program I once wrote. Was quite easy to use.

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