I want to get rid of \n from variable I found many answers for that which say "use tr -d" but tr -d not work for me

echo "$test" | od -c
0000000   4   4   2   5   2  \n

then I use tr -d

test2=$(echo $test | tr -d '\n')

but nothing change

echo "$test2" | od -c
0000000   4   4   2   5   2  \n
  • The \n seems to be a normal text element. Try with tr -d '\\n' which does not search for a new line but rather for the text \n. – Thomas Feb 5 '16 at 9:47
  • tr -d '\n' works fine. As user @user1700494 said, echo print arguments for stdout + newline. echo -n echo without newline. – kshji Feb 5 '16 at 16:30

Use of tr -d '\n' , removes \n (i.e. newline character) as expected. But you are verifying this with echo command. Echo command itself will put new line character @ end of input string and hence you are unable to see expected output.

Check variable with below set of commands.

test2=$(echo "$test" | tr -d '\n')
printf "%s" $test2 | od -c
echo -n $test2 | od -c

Script Output:

0000000   h   e   l   l   o
0000000   h   e   l   l   o

Note: echo -n : From echo man page : -n do not output the trailing newline printf : does not append \n at end


echo is appending \n by default. Use -n to omit

[6]root@lab7:~> echo 'lol' |od -c
0000000   l   o   l  \n
[6]root@lab7:~> echo -n 'lol' |od -c
0000000   l   o   l

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