I have a DNS-321 NAS drive which apparently runs Linux, so I logged in via ssh and I see .Trash-500 and .Trash-1000 directories. I realize that they're for trash, but why do I need two? Inside of them I see expunged, files, and info directories -- what are those for?


You can find the answers in the The FreeDesktop.org Trash specification:

Some excerpts:

$topdir/.Trash-$uid directory is to be used as the user's trash directory for this device/partition. $uid is the user's numeric identifier.

The $trash/files directory contains the files and directories that were trashed.

The $trash/info directory contains an “information file” for every file and directory in $trash/files.

There is no reference to expunge directory, though.

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  • here and here are some info about expunged. It's apparently a temporary part of the process for emptying the trash, but stuff gets stuck if something can't be deleted. – Random832 Dec 3 '11 at 23:53

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