I have a pretty frustrating issue with FreeBSD. I am a Linux user who decided to switch to FreeBSD because I liked the idea of the ports system that it uses. I decided to give it a try in a virtual machine on Linux Mint and it ran flawlessly (I had to setup the gui but the process was trivial) so I decided I'd try a switch from Linux Mint to FreeBSD on my physical machine... Well it turns out setting up FreeBSD on my physical machine is not as smooth of a process. The ifconfig command is not showing a wlan0 wireless interface, and FreeBSD is not able to detect my network card (an Intel Wireless AC 3160) through the dmesg command. I discovered FreeBSD 11.0 supports drivers for the Intel Wireless AC 3160 through the iwm driver, but since I am new to FreeBSD I am not sure how to setup this driver as well as the wlan0 interface to successfully use my network card. Any help to this problem or even just a link to the relevant information would be greatly appreciated.

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The iwm driver is not in the GENERIC kernel. The man page man iwm specifies the methods required to pull the driver in. Either:

  • build a custom kernel
  • load at boot time with /boot/loader.conf
  • load at runtime with kldload

The man page does not appear to be online - but it is in the latest snapshot.

  • it is described here.
    – user86041
    Apr 12, 2018 at 5:25

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