I've set up an archlinux inside a Oracle Virtual Box. To be able to reach the VM from the LAN I have added a bridge adapter and configured the guest system following the instructions from the Arch Linux Wiki: Network bridge | With iproute2.

I used the following commands to successfully set up the network:

ip link add name lan_bridge type bridge
ip link set lan_bridge up
ip link enp0s8 up
ip link set enp0s8 master lan_bridge
systemctl start dhcpcd@lan_bridge

After those steps I'm able to login into the guest via SSH. Trying to make the changes persistent using:

systemctl enable dhcpcd@lan_bridge

does not work, though. I'd like systemd to create the exact same setup on startup automatically. Of course I could just paste those commands into a shell script and run it at startup, but I think there should be a proper way to do so. Help is greatly appreciated.


The easiest way is to use netctl in arch. First of all you need to:

cp /etc/netctl/examples/bridge /etc/netctl

Set your desired slaves in the line which says:

BindsToInterfaces=(eth0 eth1 tap0)

Last you want to enable netctl@.service like this:

systemctl enable netctl@bridge.service

Note: the name after the @ should match to your file name in /etc/netctl

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