Im using Vim 7.3 in Ubuntu and I'm having a little problem copying to the system clipboard with the following command "+y but I'm getting the following error: E354: Invalid register name: '+'

In my vim --version, I see -xterm_clipboard. The option to copy is from mouse right click is also grayed out.

What steps do I need to take to enable the copying of text from my vim to the system clipboard?

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Trivial problem, sir.

sudo aptitude install vim-gnome

which already comes pre-compiled with the +xterm_clipboard option.

On source-based distros like gentoo, you will have to compile the package with this USE flag specified.


You should see +xterm_clipboard.

The simplest fix is to install a version of vim compiled with clipboard support. In Ubuntu, if you don't wish to build your own, you can install vim-gtk or vim-gnome, both of which have clipboard support.


For Arch Linux, install gvim. This also adds the missing feature to vim.

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