Is it possible to use Grep to search a file and send a email based on the results?

I have been using

grep SEARCHSTRING /logs/error_log | mailx -s subject name@emailaddress.co.uk

But I don't want it to send an email when Null it met (No results found)


You can run mailx if the grep command returns success i.e. match is found:

body="$(grep SEARCHSTRING /logs/error_log)" && echo "$body" | mailx -s subject name@emailaddress.co.uk

Saving the output of grep (if any) to variable body, if the grep command succeeds then mailx will be run with $body as the body of the mail.

output="$(grep SEARCHSTRING /logs/error_log)"
test -n "$output" && echo "$output" | mailx -s subject name@emailaddress.co.uk
  • Thank you. I never considered doing it like this, i was trying to use a Temp file to populate the results and only email when its not empty. Using the variable was a great idea. Using your example :) Thanks Changes for a one liner so can just add a Cron <BR> data=$(grep 'SEARCHSTRING' logs/error_log) ; [[ -n "$data" ]] && mail -s 'dd' name@emailaddress.co.uk <<< "$data" – Dave Hamilton Feb 3 '16 at 9:26

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