I'm migrating a machine to another boot drive with more space. I've done the following:

sudo partclone.vfat -c -R -o partclone.sda1.vfat.img -s /dev/sdg1

and then I created my partitions on the new device in parted, and then restored:

sudo partclone.vfat -r -s partclone.sda1.vfat.img -o /dev/sdg1

The new partition is larger than the one I cloned from.

$ sudo parted /dev/sdg print 1

Minor: 1
File System: fat32
Size:         1074MB (0.11%)
Minimum size: 210MB (0.02%)
Maximum size: 1000GB (100%)

However, when I view the filesystem with df, it shows me something else:

$ sudo df -h extefi/
Filesystem      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/sdg1       197M   42M  156M  22% /mnt/extefi

Is there a command I can run to properly resize the filesystem to fill its partition?



fatresize is part of the parted package.

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