I have an Ubuntu server that connects to the network over wireless. Since it obviously doesn't have Gnome's NetworkManager I have to configure everthing manually.

I've got it sucessfully connecting to the network but when the connection gets interupted instead of roaming to a different WAP it just disconnects. This is obviously bad but I have no idea how to make it roam.

Self-Help thorugh googling has been difficult since no one does this (for good reasons), everything I've found has been for a full desktop, not a server. While I'm totally against installing Gnome, I would prefer not to.

Is there any "command line" equivelent to NetworkManager that roams WAPs when the one its connected to times out?

Note: I'm not interested in "Do not use wireless" answers. I would normally never do this but this is a unique case. Just please answer the given question


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For others reference, I found that wpa_supplicant was the best (only?) option. Took a while to configure it but it worked.

The only issue that prevented me from using and eventually scrapping the project was due to my unique situation: I needed to change the MAC address. Apparently wpa_supplicant completely ignores a spoofed MAC address.

Since 99% of people don't care about spoofing MAC addresses, wpa_supplicant works.

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