What would be best way to start the program Zim Desktop Wiki when Kali Sana starts?

Note: I have made it XFCE

EDIT: have received Tumbleweed for this - wasn't sure if it couldn't be done without cron.There must be a GUI-FrontEnd or a CLI way to this!?

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I would put the command to start your application as an rc.d script.

This script will automatically execute whatever application(s) you want based upon the run level.

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Since this Zim Desktop Wiki Application appears to be some sort of GUI based app to manage Wikis, it would have to launch in run level 5 (or whatever is appropriate for Kali).

So, in the appropriate directory in /etc/rc.d/xxx put a short script that launches Zim Desktop.

That should give you the basics... Take a look at this article. It should be quite useful going forwad. https://www.linux.com/news/enterprise/systems-management/8116-an-introduction-to-services-runlevels-and-rcd-scripts

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